[17:05] <skaianSkirmisher> <3
[17:06] <Juri|SCV> I hate to sound rude but
[17:06] <Juri|SCV> Who are you?
[17:06] <skaianSkirmisher> Your secret admirer
[17:06] <Juri|SCV> Is that so?
[17:06] <skaianSkirmisher> it is <3
[17:07] <Juri|SCV> Well I don;t blame you. I am beautiful
[17:08] <skaianSkirmisher> you really are
[17:08] <Juri|SCV> So have you come for something important or just general conversation?
[17:08] <skaianSkirmisher> I just wanted to say, I love you.
[17:09] <Juri|SCV> Awww how sweet.
[17:09] <Juri|SCV> You do realise i'm a guy right?
[17:09] <skaianSkirmisher> I do.
[17:09] <skaianSkirmisher> I must go now.
[17:09] <Juri|SCV> Okay.
[17:09] <Juri|SCV> I love you too.

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